What To Do If You're Being Bullied

Bad Kid  


If you are being bullied, YOU MUST TELL SOMEONE! The only way others can help is if you let others know. Here are some actions you can take if you are being bullied:

Report it to an adult (parent, teacher, counselor, principal, after-school teacher)

Reporting is NOT tattling!! Reporting gets you out of trouble; tattling is to get someone into trouble.

When reporting, be specific, detailed, and honest (have a name, place, time, what was said/done).

Be assertive!  Tell the bully how it makes you feel when they bother you and ask them to STOP!

Use humor to remove power from the bully. He/ she won't be expecting it.

Don’t ignore the bully! Ignoring them tells the bully that it's okay to keep bothering you.

Don’t fight the bully or attack the bully.

Reach out to the bully. The bully may need a friend or may be going through some personal problems.

The school counselor, social worker, and psychologist teach students how to use these strategies to handle bullies.