What To Do If You See Someone Being Bullied

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If you see someone being bullied, HELP THE PERSON! Run and get help, or if you feel comfortable, stand up to the bully and ask he/ she to leave the *target alone. Here are some other strategies you can use if you see someone being bullied:

1) Don’t be a **BYSTANDER or ***PARTICIPANT!

*target- the person (s) who is being bullied

**bystander-a person (s) who stand by and see bullying taking place but do nothing to help the target

***participant- a person (s) who see bullying taking place and decide to join in with the bully in harassing the target

2) Report it to an adult (parent, teacher, counselor, principal, after-school teacher) Remember, reporting is NOT tattling!!!!

3) When reporting, be specific, detailed, and honest (have a name, place, time, what was said/done)

4) Ask the person being bullied if he/ she is okay.  Be a friend.

The school counselor, social worker, and psychologist teach students how to use these strategies to handle bullies.