Is This Bullying?

The following are situations that may or may not be considered as bullying.


Parents and Teachers: Read each situation with your child/students and discuss whether or not the situation is bullying based on what you have learned on the webpage.

Children and Students: Review each situation with your parent and/or teacher and determine if it's bullying based on what you've learned on the webpage.


    Put your answers over here. (YES/NO)
1 Jill and Pam tell Kim that she can't play jump rope with them today because they think her shirt is ugly.
2 Everyday, David asks Jack and John if he can eat lunch with them. They always say no, then they turn and ignore him.
3 Chris pushes Chance in the back every chance he gets.
4 Tim accidentally tripped Frank.
5 Henry asks the boys in his class everyday if he can play football with them. They say no because he is Muslim, and Muslim boys can't play football with them.
6 Don, a 5th grader, punched Ken, a 1st grader.
7 Xavier, a 3rd grader, kicks Linda, a 5th grader, in the stomach every Friday and makes her give him her lunch.
8 Jaime writes notes weekly saying that she is going to fight Jackie when she gets the chance.
9 Lauryn sends text messages to Carlos saying she is going to beat him up for telling on her brother.
10 Eddie, Austin, and Jacob got into an argument about the answer to a math question.