Lesson Plan Suggestions for Teachers

The program is set up for implementation over three 45-minute classroom guidance sessions and in groups (centers).

Day 1- Webpage and Discussion (Make sure you introduce the webpage before doing the centers).

Days 2 & 3- Center Activities

For management purposes, choose no more than 6 different centers at a time.  Groups will generally only get to 3 centers in a 45 minute class session.  This will leave 3 centers for the next session.

Sample Center Schedule:

10 minutes- Introducing centers and directions.

30 minutes- Students will rotate to three centers, spending about 10 minutes at each center (this includes cleaning up the center before rotating to the next which usually takes 1 minute).

5 minutes- Processing: Talking about your observations of the centers and allowing the students to share what they learned and what they liked about the centers.